You’ve probably seen the writings of Tene Edwards on the Instagram feeds of celebrities like Wesley Snipes, Khloe Kardashian, Dascha Polanco and Kandi Burruss.  

Tene is a Poet, Author, Model and Self-Love Advocate known for her raw and visceral poetry online. Her writing journey began in 2016 during heartbreak; as an introvert, a notepad became her therapist and she found peace in writing down her thoughts. 

Tene wrote Walk With Wings mainly to deliver comfort and hope to those feeling lost and alone. By maintaining a brand based solely around self-love, healing and resilience, Tene has grown a large following on social media of a variety of people who support her art. 

Tene Edwards also runs self-love events and workshops to help others cultivate a more supportive and loving relationship with themselves and to empower others to recognise and trust their own inner voice.  

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